¡Hola México!/
...and it's moving day!/
Oh, the ocean... so pretty/
Complete with a pile of tomatos on the side of the road/
Headinig towards La Bufadora.../
Checking out stuff we can live without/
Come to me, oh wave!/
And there it is!/
How bad could it be?/
Awwwe, the lovebirds.../
There comes a wave.../
And a photo bomber/
Nope... we don't learn... still wet!/
Near La Bufadora/
Valle de Guadalupe/
Pods at the hotel... the oddests rooms ever/
Enjoying a welcome sangria/
In the hot tub/
Oh look... it's raining... again/
Our pod and the view of the valley/
Biggest ass pivoting door you'll ever see/
Wanda & LisaGreen in front of their pod/
Once again, a photo ruined by the bomber/
The Wine Museum... pretty nifty building/
Wine tasting/
With some yummy food/
Followed by an amazing lunch at Joya/
Where they grow all of their own veggies/
Mmmm... kale, or rubarb, or whatever you are/
Last night's dinner at Corazón de Tierra/
And on our departure date the sun comes out.../
... just to taunt us. Vatever/