Hello freak snow storm/
Black Canyon of The Gunnison/
The canyon, she is deep/
Stand back, Dan!/
What is the Gunnison? We don't know!/
Artzy trees/
Freezing fog over night/
Lonely road back Utah/
Second of many returns to Utah/
Las Sal Mountains in the background... they always keep their snow cap/
Arches - take II/
Hello Delicate Arch!/
Can't get enough of the arch/
Not kidding!/
Come here baby.../
Petroglyphs... well, many copies of the same glyph/
Slot hike/
How does a plant grow in this environment?/
Landscape Arch... before the rest of it collapses :(/
Not precarious at all!/
Balanced Rock... for now/
Penis Rock/
Good bye, Arches/
Canyonlands - take II/
Canyons in the land/
Again, stand back Dan!/
Cliffs & Assana for scale/
Mesa Arch/
#31, finally!/
Houses in the cliffs/
More dwellings that should have been by the river/
Petroglyph hike -- there better be more than one!/
Petroglyphs with more than just one glyph/
Another lonely road back to Utah/
Monument Valley/
Fancy dinner in Holbrook/
Crystalized log/
So pretty!/
Crystalized log/
Go far!/
Really... further!/
Something very interesting in the crystalized wood/
Yet another lonely road... this time not to Utah!/
Pretty Sedona/
Never disappoints/
Nice room view/
So many things wrong with this: mile high... for every child... plus a typo.../
Fluffy! (NOT)/
So organized!/
Deep thought of the day/
Weirdo status/