Road to Kings Canyon NP/
Hmm... 15.5?/
Going up in the mountains/
Looking into the canyon/
Breaking the law and walking on the road/
Our first giant sequoia/
Hello General Sherman!/
General Sherman/
Dan humping the fence right next to the No Humping sign!/
So far away!/
Much better view from the bridge /
Looking down into the river/
Dinner at Wuksachi Lodge/
Mmm... dessert!/
Finally at the end of the day the sun came out!/
Teeny car... massive trees!/
Teeny boy, massive trees!/
Teeny girl, massive trees!/
Sentinel Tree/
Tree hugger! /
Critter tracks/
Oooh, so artzy!/
Beetle Rock/
How many Dans do you see?/
Prosthetic photographer!/
Poofy yellow flowers... Assana's favorite! /
Flying Dan!/
Mama-bear-and-two-babies crossing!/
Heading up to Moro Rock/
The rock, she was very high!/
Almost to the top/
Finally the top!/
Assana's squirrel: the lichen!/
The view into the valley on the way up/
Hi! What's up?/
The Senate group/
Sloshy trail/
What we think are bear prints/
Burnt tree/
The House group/
Funky burl/
1800 Sequoia seeds/
The President/
Illegally sitting on the bench by The President/
Teaching the "Danger" tape a lesson/
The Senate/
The view out of our room window/
Pomegranate margarita /
Fancy dinner on paper plates with a disposable fork, but a real knife!/
General Grant /
A massive branch size of a tree!/
Rock stuck in the roots/