Bonjour, Paris!/
Assana and the Seine/
On a Bateau Mouche/
Ile Saite Luis/
Interesting parking skills/
Cutest scaffolding ever/
High-density housing/
Quartier Latin/
The infamous sandwich shop in Quartier Latin/
Creepy host dude/
Palais Royal/
Paris from the top of Eiffel Tower/
More views from the top/
Montmartre from afar/
Sacre Coeur /
Tiny door... big Dan/
Vineyard in the middle of Paris?/
Le Moulin Rouge/
You spread the Nutella/
... then slice the banana.../
Musee d'Orsay/
Dinner w/ Derek and Leslie/
Le Notre Dame/
Centre George Pompidu/
Musee Rodin/
Oh my.../
Chateau de Versaille/
The bed... she was tiny!/
Our favorite restaurant, right around the corner/
Metro concert/
Smarts everywhere!/
Maison des etudiantes... where Assana used to live/