Flying into Palm Springs/
Dan on the hotel's grounds/
Heading out to dinner/
Breakfast before heading out to Joshua Tree NP/
I want that banner... /
Unfabulous ranger! /
Paul & Barry/
+ Dan.../
... and then Matthew.../
Finally the girls force themselves on the boys!/
Heading off to the trail/
Cheeks! /
Karen & Matthew baffled at something... probably the harmonica dude!/
Hi! /
Thanx Paul & Barry for posing... Dan, not so much.../
Nipple rock/
The gang continue on the trail/
Matthew pondering something important/
Climber dude/
Miss pacman rock/
Crack climbers/
Driving thru a sand storm on the way back to town/
Dinner, finally!/
Heading up to San Jacinto State Park/
Which way? Thank goodness for the three factmos!/
The valley view from the top/
Barry with his NPF cap, and Paul with the logo ironed to his floppy - go NPF, go!/
Hi boys!/
The two mountain goats/
Group picture! /
Paul raising Barry's blood pressure/
Of course a sloped ledge is the best place to add a blog entry.../
Artzy photo by Paul/
What kind of pine?/