Smog over DF/
The entire town was enjoying Bosque de Chapultepec/
Mmmm... candy!/
Looked yummy... we never tried this kind.../
Needle work from Puebla at San Ángel market/
Silly Assana/
Oh the pottery... still at San Ángel/
... and more.../
Beautiful streets behind the market/
Domes of Museo del Carmen/
Backstreets of Coyoacán/
Iglesia de Santa Catarina... we had lunch right off the square./
Zona Rosa/
Biggest flag ever.../
Catedral Metropolitana/
Templo Mayor... hard to imagine this is smack in the middle of town/
... with El Zócalo in the background/
The pyramid of the sun, Teotihuacán/
And another view/
Dan wondering all the sacrifice!/
Arturo, our fearless guide.../
Climbing was tough.../
And descending was even tougher/
View from the top/
Avenue of the Dead/
To prove we were on top.../
From the amazing Museo Nacional de Antropología/
Wanna "play ball?" (The losers were sacrificed)/
Xmas tree at our hotel/
... and its serene inner garden/
Hmm... a big bowl of melted queso!/
At the toll booth.../
Super turistina.../
Just a random street/
And of course the church off the main square/
Beautiful buildings all over/
The donkeys don't care about the traffic whizzing by at 50 miles an hour/
The landscape approaching San Miguel de Allende/
Our first view.../
The bell boy kept running between our hotel's buildings/
The most beautiful entry way.../
Dan relaxing from the drive.../
... while Assana was trying to get over the enormous bathroom (equipped with a fireplace!)/
...And our beautiful bedroom/
Casa de Sierra Nevada, San Miguel de Allende/
Children going to school/
So many gorgeous doors/
La Parroquia../
San Miguel is even more picturesque at dusk.../
Assana always finds a pup to pet.../
... or an ear to pull/
Steep hill, but the view is worth the climb/
Unhappy about something/
Impossible to take photos without wires... so why not include them?/
Life goes on... /
A typical local store... there are tons of them.../
This store reminded me of home... back in Iran./
... so did this guy/
We got serenaded by the Mariachi!/
And now time for a shoe shine.../
Mariachi donkey: he was moody... /
A wedding in La Parroquia with Mariachi de Allende as their band!/
Beautiful landscape going to Guanajuato/
And more donkeys/
Colorful hills of Guanajuato/
Our little crappy car: this was considered full-size!/