Welcome snacks from the Four Seasons/
Four Seasons' Christmas decoration... /
Never disappoints/
Monumentos a los Niños Héroes/
Los Niños Héroes looking very serious/
Ever present begging squirrels/
Walking up to the castle/
Castillo de Chapultepec/
Castillo de Chapultepec/
Castillo de Chapultepec/
Over looking the city/
Out of place ornate Italian super ornate carriage/
Artwork... /
Story of Sr. Juan Manuel Gonzales De Cossio, Conde De La Torre De Cos/
So. Many. Faces!/
Painting of the ugliest little girl/
And ugliest ever woman!/
Angry dude statue/
Castillo, check! Moving on/
Christmas market on the Reforma/
Christmas balls/
Dan: Excessive sugar and calories, bring it on!/
Dinner at Carmela y Sal... someone please help them with their menu translation please! 🍆/
Chilie pepper margarita 🌶️/
Assana found horses to pet... the policemen's horse/
Palacio de Bellas Artes/
Catedral Metropolitana /
Ginormous flag in the Zócalo/
Ginormous flag, the Zócalo, cathedral, obligatory scafolding... got it all!/
Plaza Garibaldi/
Gay mezcal dude statue/
Flavored Pulque 🤮/
Mariachi bands in Plaza Garibaldi playing for those who pay/
Museo del Tequila y Mezcal/
Museo del Tequila y Mezcal/
Assana finds her horses again -- same horses!/
Moon + Catedral Metropolitana lit at night... /
The Zócolo /
Fancy table-side specialty soup at Azul Historico -- wasn't that good!/
... but had very nice presentation /
Fruitcake done the Four Season's way/
Calm streets of San Ángel/
Plaza San Jacinto/
Plaza San Jacinto/
Iglesia de San Jacinto /
Look at that girth!/
Sad Jesus... probably because he is in a cage/
Iglesia de San Jacinto /
Museo del Carmen, San Ángel/
Museo del Carmen, San Ángel/
Museo del Carmen, San Ángel/
Pondering the narrow streets of Coyoacán/
Houses facing Jardin del la Bombilla... and wires!/
Capilla de San Antonio Panzacola/
Avenida Francisco Sosa, aka the most picturesque street in CDMX/
Houses of one of the oldest streets in CDMX, Avenida Francisco Sosa/
Awwwh... pretty, and doggo friendly!/
Iglesia de Santa Catarina/
Assana moving the garbage out of our frame/
Iglesia de Santa Catarina -- so pretty/
Jardin Centenario in the center of Coyoacán/
Los Lobos/
Iglesia de la Conchita, Coyoacán/
Iglesia de la Conchita, Coyoacán/
Fancy walls of the music institute /
Snacks waiting for us in our room... thanks Four Seasons!/