All smiles... little do we know what Matthew has in store for us/
Old Rag, not to be mistaken with Old Hag/
Pretty forest /
All seems normal.../
... except for Dan!/
Wow, the views are amazing/
Dan's the first to check out the crack/
Followed by Barry and Matthew/
Assana's turn.../
All the boys are standing around watching.../
Thanx Matthew for helping/
Whew! We showed <i>that</i> crack!/
Paul excited about going into another crack/
That's right baby! /
Crazy rock/
Turns out to be super light! Just ask Paul/
Oh Barry!/
Lunch at the summit. Thanx Matthew!/
We have the place all to ourselves/
The long hike back down/
Beautiful dogwood trees everywhere... wooof./
Reward for our hike: wine tastng!/
And a little smoooch/
Stoney Man Peak/
Don't fall!/
Clearly something is very funny/
Boys pondering where Jim is/
Boy just pondering!/
Our own version of circle jerk + Assana/
Laray Caverns/
Reflections in the underground lake/
Copper leeched out of the pennies/
The wine country...pretty!/
Dan's not the only crazy one/
Thanx Jim &amp; Dan for paying attention... no one else seems to!/
Harrassing Matthew about his Costanza wallet/
Arabian winery horse.../
...getting lectured by the owner!/
Whatever! Let's go running!/
'Nuf said!/
Hello White House/
The Old Post Office/
Too bad about the scaffolding... and the crappy weather/
Capitol Rotunda/
Baptism of Pocahontas/
The beautiful Library of Congress/
Sneak a photo inside the Library of Congress/
What's a trip without a visit to the Botanical Gardens?/
Adorable heart-shaped leaves.../
Amazing crystals at the geology exhibition (Natural History Museum)/
Bubble gum crystals/
Back home: Menlo Park salt pans have gone mad!/