Los Melones, Marshmelones

Zihuatanejo We are finally traveling with our friends Sheri and Larry. We are so excited! After a morning of delayed flights we are on our way to sunny México. Larry pulls out his Spanish phrase book. Excellent, we all need the help. Dan is the first to venture a look: "Los Melones?" What? yeah, hmm, the phrase book... she was dirty!

La Casa que Canta Zihuatanejo is just a three hour flight from SFO... but a world apart. La Casa que Canta - The House That Sings - is a magnificent hotel dangling off of the cliffs over the bay.

Our room overlooks the rocky shore and the fishing village of Zihuatanejo. We like! Most of the hotel's narrow walkways are right on the cliffs, and the ones that aren't, mostly have views of the ocean.

With the entire hotel facing outwards to the ocean you never have site of another building! Pretty cool. We particularly love the fact that - to preserve the view - the railings are a foot high! Something one never sees in the US anymore. On the other side? A drop of anywhere between 20 to 50 feet onto the rocks!

Rock Hoping Sheri & Larry have been to Zihuatanejo before, so we defer to them to decide where to eat, and what to do. They sure know a lot of great restaurants! Yumm.

La Casa is adjacent to Zihua's most famous beach, Playa La Ropa, but we decide to check out Playa Las Gatas across the bay. It is for sure more "local," but we still mange to get pineapple drinks with giant umbrellas in them.

Within a couple of hours Dan and I are already bored of sitting around! We decide to replace the boat ride back with a hike. The locals tell us there is a trail back to Playa La Ropa... and by "trail" I guess they mean some rocks we can bounce on for like 2 miles!

Bubblegum Pink Toes The Spa appointments that await us make the rock hoping worth it! We get massages, followed by manicures and pedicures. Dan's gal doesn't take his choice of sparkly bubblegum pink for his toe nails seriously and just smiles and ignores him. Little does she know!

In Love With México This is our first trip to México, and we love it. We love the quaintness of the village of Zihuatanejo, the sun, the super friendly people, and of course the food. With such a short distance away from California, we hope to come back soon and often. Though Assana needs to put on more sunblock so she won't turn terra cotta!

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