This must be how criminals feel!

The Snow Dance With no snow in January, the concierge at The Ahwahnee promises us a snow dance! They are obviously very good at it cuz it dumps snow the day before we left and clears long enough for us to get up to Yosemite...

How Criminals Feel The drive up is gorgeous with fresh snow on the trees and the road. We are ok to drive up - we have 4WD - but all cars have to carry chains... ummm... we have no chains. Woops! Every time we see a roadblock we shudder! This must be how criminals feel!

The Best View Is From The Back The Ahwahnee... ahhh... sooo pretty. Everyone should experience it in the winter. No wonder their official photo is of it in the snow.

We have just a few hours to enjoy the valley before the next storm hits... It is very pretty; a lot of black'n white looking photos!

Fat Snowflakes Sunday morning we wake up to snow... lots of snow... keeps us from having some of the views we expected, but also gives us the beauty of fresh snow. No complaints.

Chains Even more snow on the way back. Thank goodness we did buy chains: "Where are you going Dan?" asks Assana as the car keeps going straight - in slow motion - towards a snowbank while it should really be turning left. "This is me trying to turn left!". We need to install the chains.

Ahhh... the comfort of chains and lack of fear from highway patrol! Works out perfectly... except Dan makes Assana take off the chains!

Our east coast friends laugh at us with our "OMG SNOW!!" experience and reactions... what can I say... we are Californians and both get excited and silly in the snow :)

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