Is that Old Faithful?

Personal Lubricant Once again we wake up at an ungodly hour: 4:45. Assana just loves these first-flight-out! And once again we are annoyed at TSA's crack team for having to show our IDs to multiple agents - all, mind you, within sight of each other - and having to justify Dan's electric toothbrush. Dan entertains us in front of the TSA gal by reading out loud TSA's forbidden items and sizes... turns out one can have up to 4 oz of personal lubricant, vs. 3 oz of sunblock!

Old Faithful After a quick stop at Butte, we arrive at Bozeman, MO. Cute airport designed to look like a hunting lodge. It is snowing outside and feels ultra chilly. The remnants of the '88 fire is very much in our faces. Quite eery... but there are also blankets of baby-trees on the hillsides!

We enter the park thru the east entrance and check into Old Faithful Inn. Our room looks out to a geyser who is doing its thing when we arrive... cool... 92 minutes later it faithfully starts again...hmm... could it be? yup! Best room ever! Old Faithful right from our bed.

Steamy Landscape It's the next morning and, though very cold, the sky is as blue as it could be! Nice. We share a cinnamon roll with the house squirrel, and head out to the geysers... of course not before watching Old Faithful erupt yet one more time. It's not the largest geyser, but there's something cool about its clock-workness.

The trails are all raised off the floor - for obvious reasons - and are very nicely done. They start right outside of the Inn and meander thru the heart of the geysers. And, holy smoke, there are soooo many! We take the trail head and walk past a ton of erupting geysers... the air is cold and so the geysers give themselves away with their steam. It is so pretty, and so wild to be standing next to a hole spewing out boiling water.

More Than Geysers Our driving day takes us further into the park. We stop at Yellowstone Lake on our way to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. It is quite impressive. Lots of other geysers, stinky fumaroles, and mud pots: bloooop bbblop plooop.

The Next Time Yellowstone is truly an amazing park and 4 days is just too short of a visit. One of my mom's sisters used to come out here every summer. Can't say that we blame her. But for us, the next trip will be in the winter: we want to see Yellowstone in the snow, and maybe spot some wolves. That, and the fact that after we joined Yellowstone Park Foundation, we got suckered into buying a couple of DVDs about Yellowstone during winter, and it looks really pretty!

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