Ski Valet

Super Omelet Our dear friends Gregor and Jamie are vacationing near Truckee in Lake Tahoe for Spring Break, and we drive up to meet up with them for dinner and some skiing (for Dan). Driving up on a Sunday means no traffic all the way up - what a difference from the last time we headed up to the mountains. Lunch in Truckee at Squeeze-In, a fantastic breakfast place with, like, a bjillion omelets. Mmmm… yumm-mmmmy!

Hot Herbal Poultice Massage Dan recommends we stay at the Ritz-Carlton, which is music to Assana's ears (she has taught him well!) The hotel is just a few months old. It is beautifully built with lots of wood-working, and very tastefully decorated. We particularly like the Ski Valet dude who whisks the skis away only to materialize them on the slopes when Dan needs them. You're done? Boom! Skis are gone and show up in the car! We like. Our first stop is the Spa. Assana needs to reset her memory of the horrible Hot Stone Therapy from Tucson! Ritz's treatment does the trick. All lubed up and relax, and after a couple of tasty Blueberry Lemon Drops, we meet up with Gregor & Jamie for dinner at Manzanita Restaurant. Food is great, and the company even better. We can't wait to visit Gregor and Jamie's new remodeled kitchen and addition to their home in Columbus.

Unkie Dan The next day, while Dan enjoys his Unkie Dan time with the kids, Assana spends the entire morning at the spa - again! - and then test-drives the fabulous lounge chairs by the fire pit facing the slopes. It is chilly, but sitting down-wind from the fire is nice!

Visibility? No! We head out in early afternoon hoping to beat the super kick-ass blizzard that is scheduled to arrive. And for the most part we do, but the winds are howling over Donner Pass and at one point the pouring rain takes our visibility down to zero! But to keep up with our good-weather karma, by the time we reach Auburn the storm is gone (to Tahoe!) and the roads are dry. Yummy lunch at Auburn Alehouse Brewery and we are done with this little speed vacation.

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