Ol' Gringos!

Cowboy Chic That's the dress code for this year's Paso Glow party at Sunset's Savor the Central Coast event. Of course we must dress appropriately! The truth is that Assana has been looking for an excuse to buy a pair of boots… to play dress-up Paso style… so she gets right to researching boots!

Her first pick - a bedazzled pair with a horse and "Ride'em cowgirl!" caption - does not fit. Thank goodness for The Boot Barn's selection! After much searching we find the perfect pair of boots for Assana (a pair of distressed Old Gringos), a perfect cowboy hat, and a couple of paisley cowboy shirts for Dan, complete with snap buttons!

🐎 This year's Paso Glow is held out of town at Windfall Farms, an equestrian farm a few miles from Paso. The weather is perfect for an evening out in the country, and we are in full character! Tom Fundaro of Villa Creek Restaurant - he catered our wedding - is one of the caterers at dinner. He is also wearing his stetson!

Anthony Talking of Tom, the weekend isn't a full-on cowboy weekend. On Friday night we attend a fancy winemaker's dinner at Denner. Ron Denner is as gracious as he always is. We chat with Carol, exchange gossip with Theresa and catch-up with Scott. And as a treat, we are sitting at Anthony's, the winemaker, table.

Lots of fun. We can't wait to move down to Paso, especially now that we have a head start on our local attire!

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