New Mexico, just like México!

Rocky Start We are heading to Santa Fé… but we almost miss our flight: wrong airline and the wrong terminal! Wooops. And we almost lose Assana's luggage because Dan doesn't pick it up while Assana's being harassed by TSA!

Pick up the car in Albuquerque and off we go. Our hotel, La Posada de Santa Fé, is a historic hotel with beautiful sprawling grounds and adobe buildings. Of course they give us the worst room on the grounds, at the end of the property, facing the back fence and bordering the main road. I don't think so! Once we complain they give us the room we had actually booked: a beautiful large suite near the spa! We like.

Doors We are centrally located and don't really use the car to get around old town. The main square is just a few minutes walk from La Posada. The hand vendors by the main square are all certified by the city to only carry items they, or their immediate family, has hand crafted. We meander thru, though we don't buy anything. We also take a few hours to walk in the charming old residential part of town, also within walking distance of La Posada. The colorful doors on these beautiful old adobe buildings are fun to photograph.

We spend a day in Taos, which is just a couple of hours away. The drive thru the pretty countryside is easy and fun. Taos, itself, is ok. Not as picturesque as Santa Fé, and more of a businessy. We like Santa Fé more. The interesting thing is the sheer number of crosses by the side of the highway, where someone must have gone off the road. And they all match, which makes us think that this common enough of an event that there's an organization responsible for them!

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