Los Olivos, be ours!

BoxsterS Assana has a new car and we are driving down to Santa Barbara to spend the weekend. We have been enamored by Santa Ynez Valley for years: the wine, the weather, and its low-keyness… this is, of course, until the movie Sideways ruined it for us. Now it's everyone's favorite area. Oh well.

Lavender Farm We head for the valley, stop at vista points, do some berry picking at a pick-your-own-berries farm, and stop by Los Olivos - we will one day retire here - for coffee. We also stop by Clairmont Farms, a fabulous lavender farm a stone's throw from the flagpole. Ah! It smells fabulous! There is a cute little stand covered with all things lavender: soaps, oils, potpourri, etc. We wait a bit hoping someone will show up so we can buy some goodies. No one arrives. We wait more... and then we notice a telephone with a note: "If you need us, press redial. Otherwise do your shopping and place your money in the basket." So, that's what we do!

Oh Los Olivos! Someday we will be united!

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