Uneventful The quest to visit all the National Parks continues! Rocky Mountain NP is our 29th. And visiting it is one of most uneventful trips we have taken!

Boulder Quick uneventful flight to Denver, quick rental pick-up, and a quick stop in Boulder for lunch with our friends John and Melissa who escaped California’s crazy prices and moved to Boulder…

Redrum We are staying at Stanley Hotel, whose exterior was portrayed as Overlook Hotel in the Stanley Kubrick film The Shining. The hotel has a TV channel that plays the movie 24/7! And yes, we do watch it!

100 The trip into the park is equally uneventful… the is still quite a bit of snow on the ground, which makes the scenery beautiful. We have a beautiful and uneventful drive over the Trail Ridge Road up to pass at over 12,000 feet, then down to the Continental Devide and down the other side. The Alpine Visior Center, the center right on the ridge, has an impressive snow sculpture celebrating NPS's 100th birthday. Our trip is short so we don’t have time for too many hikes. The take-away is that our short park trips should not be so short!

Zzzz The town of Estes Park is quaint and boring. We experience a horrible drinks at a horrible bar and great food at a great restaurant, and other than that, not much more.

#30 Which park is next? Perhaps we wrap up one of the one-more-to-go States such as Arizona, Utah or Washington? Or perhaps we do a gaggle of them by visit Alaska… and there’s always the fact that we are very anemic on the East Coast.

We don’t know where we’ll go, but we are sure it will be fun!

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