Sunshine We are heading back to Point Reyes National Seashore, hoping for a better whether experience. The last time we were there was a decade ago during xmas break. It poured for days, and when we decided to brave the rain and go hiking anyways, we were faced with gale force winds.

NPF Matthew is in town leading an NPF hike at PRNS. Paul and Barry are joining us for a short weekend getaway, and it starts with a fabulous evening of great food, drinks and dessert over at Sheri & Larry's. Thanx guys! We wish you were joining us.

Californian Carpool First stop is lunch at Saltwater, a new oyster bar in Inverness. Except that Assana didn't notice it was not open for lunch on weekdays. Whoops! Paul & Barry are first to get up there (yes, we drive up California style: 5 people, 3 cars! And we do end up eating at Saltwater the next day, and it is quite good… or as good as fishy oysters can be.) Not to worry; there are lots of restaurants and bars… and by now it is past noon so we drink without a guilty conscious. As a matter of fact all the food during the entire weekend is just great. We eat in town one night - at Osteria Stellina - and at our lodge the other night, all very tasty.

Service? No! We all stay at Manka's Inverness Lodge, which is supposed to be one of the nicer places up there. But the service pretty much sucks. Upon arrival there are 3 people trying to check us all in, and keep getting the rooms wrong, and after we finally manage to handle it all a forth person walks up to Assana and asks her to re-check in! Really? The next two mornings the breakfasts are late and inconsistent, etc.

Having said that, the cabins are super cute and rustic, with very comfortable beds. It is Dan's birthday and Assana treats everyone to a fireside dinner served in our cabin. It is a perfect evening of fire, food, drinks and good friends. Happy birthday baby!

Lighthouse! The day of the hike starts the way we remember Point Reyes: cold, foggy, windy and drab. But as the day progresses the fog burns off and we are left with gorgeous blue skies and relatively nice temperature. The hike is great, albeit too short and too stoppy, and we continue the day with a great lunch at Saltwater with more friends, and a drive up to the lighthouse though, once again, it is too windy to actually climb the stairs down to the lighthouse itself.

Matthew, Paul & Barry, thank you for hanging out with us for the weekend. We had a great time. Hope to travel with you all again very soon.

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