The Perfect Weekend

Pick-up Party We have been members of The Comus Club, Denner Vineyards' wine club, for a while. Last year we attended the fall pick-up party and it was fabulous. So we return this year, and we bring Tara with us. After all our yapping about Paso we finally have a chance to share it with her. Hope she likes it!

Food? No! Denner is our first stop. We arrive fashionably late (well, and that it is hard to predict an arrival time for a 200 mile drive) only to discover that the food was gone. Thinking of last year's never-ending food we assume they will replenish the plates pronto, right? Turns out we are wrong: they do a teeny bit, but it is nothing like last year! Dan and Tara find some beefy bbq thingies; Assana, she goes hungry. Having said that, it is still worth it because of the wine. They are serving the '07 Ditchdigger, two Dirtworshiper - 07 and 08 - and a Syrah. Tara prefers the Syrah. Dan & Assana, the 07 Dirtworshiper. Yummmmm!

Go Pinot, Go! Jack Creek Cellars has been on our radar for a while. They are one of very few wineries who make Pinots down in Paso. A lot of folks recommend them, and we have already tasted one of their wines at McPhee's during one of our many dinners down in Paso. Their tasting room is right off of their vineyard, which is spectacular because of the color changes. Paso has so many microclimates; driving down Highway 46W we see vineyards that haven't even started to change color. And then, right across the road, there are a few at the peak of their change… and some who are already bare. Anyways, the late afternoon sun makes Jack Creek's vineyard seem as thought it was on fire. The wine is also great. We love their Pinots and end up buying a nice bottle. Linne Calodo is also on our to-go list. They are out of quite a few of their repertoire, but there are enough yummy varieties to taste.

Taa'rof We have reservations at Artisan, our favorite restaurant. Tara, however, chooses to not eat. She only gets a salad claiming she is stuffed from Denner's miniscule lunch. We are bummed because Artisan's food is so good, and it is silly to skip all the yummy food for a salad. (Assana is convinced that she is practicing this stupid persian custom called taa'rof. This is where you refrain from ordering food or drinks, to save the host/hostess some money on the bill, all in the name of cordiality! In reality we find it stupid and rude: someone is taking you out to dinner, why don't you force yourself to eat! Stupid persian culture!). Whatever.

Three-Way Bacon Toast Before stopping by Willow Creek we head to Templeton to have breakfast at Joe's. Turns out there there is a street fair thingy going on for Founder's Day (though no one seems to quite know what was found… we assume the town). There were cutest old cars and farm equipment all over the place. Probably all dating back to when they did find Templeton! Joe's doesn't disappoint. Yummy eggs and potatoes with bacon, french toast, pancakes… yumm.

Property Line Tara loves Willow Creek. We take her to the top and show her where the house will go. We also show her Spooky Canyon, which borders our property with the Westbergs. Talking of the Westbergs, we do our own measuring of the length between the two property markers bordering Willow Creek. 505'. We'll be comparing that to the county records to, once and for all, put our mind at ease about the property line.

Tara, thank you for all kind works about Willow Creek. We can't wait to retire and move down there, and yes, you will have your own quarters :)

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