Nut-stuffed Pole

Fines! We have to mow Paso! Our neighbor, Dawn, gave us the heads up! No mowing by June 1st and we'll be fined!

Three birds, one stone We head down to Paso to meet Gene, the gentleman who has historically taken care of the weeds on the property. We also want to discuss some property line issues with Jim. And with mom's trip coming to an end soon and her still not having seen Willow Creek, we take her along with us. It is the time of the year when even 101 looks pretty. The hills are green and the dark oaks stand out against the blue sky.

No-Shows We decide to have lunch at Bistro Laurent: they have the best croque monsieur ever! A few minutes later walks in our friend Sarah and her boyfriend. The last time we saw Sarah was years ago with her husband! Small world. We have plans to meet Jim at 2:00 and Gene at 3:00. We call Jim at 1:00, when we sit at lunch, and he informs us that neither him or Gene can meet us! Thanx buddy for telling us after we have driving all the way down! Well, we want to show the area to mom anyways. We take a short walking tour of the town before heading out to the country.

Encroaching Horsey We get there and whoooa! The property is quite different with 5-feet-tall grass covering it! Poor Bumble Wagon seems to be swimming in weeds! Mom seems to like it. Or at least she is polite about it. We visit with the neighbor's horse who was only interested long enough to see if we had any treats. And then Dan notices what has to be one of the cutest things we have ever seen: a utility pole stuffed with nuts! Every little hold and crack was stuffed with nuts by the squirrels. There are single-nut holes, double-nut holes, and long slits! Super adorable!

After a short tour of Vineyard Drive and Peachy Canyon we head back home. It is too much driving for one day. Never again!