Palo Verdes - Take II
(10/04/23 - 10/07/23)

Hurricane Silly us! We thought we were being smart by going down to Palm Springs almost two years ago and buying our Palo Verde trees for Casa Grande. Moon Valley was kind enough to host and care for the trees. They even re-boxed them into much larger boxes.

Then the freak once-in-a-for-ever hurricane hit California and devastated Palm Springs… and our beautiful trees.

Moon Valley So here we are again, a cmd-c/cmd-v of out last trip: it is equally fun to travel with Curt, we eat at the same yummy restaurants, and go back to Moon Valley. The only difference is that we stay at The Hideaway, a lovely mid-century-modern hotel in town. We love all the preserved elements and the view of the mountains.

Moon Valley doesn’t have any more 48” boxes for us to pick from since that’s the area of the nursery hardest hit by the storm. But with a bit more dineros, we get a great deal on even bigger trees! This time around we will not wait too long before planting. We also visit the absolutely enormous singleton Palo Verde Curt has purchased for his Palm Springs house. Really gorgeous. We can’t wait to see it planted.

Glass And talking of Curt and his house, it is almost completed and it has Curt’s paw prints all over it: glass glass glass. Really gorgeous. We are hoping the next time we go down to be for the house warming party.

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