Stabbed? No! Nevada City is an adorable and preserved historic town in the Sierra foothills. Our friends Tom and Melissa are getting married and that's why we are spending the weekend up here; yes, to celebrate the wedding, but also the fact that Tom didn't get himself stabbed by Melissa during the engagement!

PG&E The town has a cute main drag, plus a whole bunch of really good restaurants. Did you know that PG&E was originally from Nevada? (The word "City" was added later to keep distinguish itself from the newly formed state of Nevada) We pretty much walk the entire town in a few minutes, while waiting for our dinner reservation at New Moon Café. The food is dee-lish and worth the wait!

Salty We are staying at Emma Nevada House, a cute B&B just a few minutes walk from the town center. It is almost a perfect B&B cuz they have a dog, and a kitty who can not get enough attention. I say "almost" because the innkeeper dude is a bit salty, and he tells us he loves Flash! Ick!

Prius We have the day to goof around the town before the wedding. This little parade-happy town is having a quickie fire engine parade which we decide to hang around and watch. We end up bartering with the fire marshall dude: if he lets us stand in the bed of his truck for the parade, we'll let him park where we are standing. The best part of the parade ends up being the clueless Prius driver who drives right into the oncoming parade, and freezes in the middle of the road! The parade goes around him! Oh Prius drivers! Always in the way!

So the parade took, like, six minutes! Next we take a drive up to Yuba River… beautiful! We walk around a bit, and then back to town. That took thirty minutes! Visiting Grass Valley took another thirty minutes and we are done! 'Xhausted from a lazy day we flop around the B&B until it is time to get ready for the wedding.

Lucky Tom The wedding is just beautiful! Both the ceremony and the reception are held at Harmony Ridge Lodge, a log-cabiny lodge that butts against Tahoe National Forest and it is absolutely gorgeous. The ceremony is sweet - we particularly love the reading comparing "being in love" to "owning a dog!" The bride looks fabulous and Tom, our boy Tom, he's wearing a suit! He is not stabbed, has a gorgeous smart wife on his arms, and he is positively beaming! So happy for him!

Jeffery Joel and Gael join us for the wedding. We're also proud of them, given that baby Jeffrey is due in a few days! The reception is fun. Other than the weather which happend to be twenty degrees below normal - it dipped into the 50's over dinner - everything is perfect. Tom's mom seems to not be in a good mood, but everyone else has a great time, as do we.

Congrats Tom & Melissa!

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