Yosemite With Lohren
(03/09/19 - 03/14/19)

Volta We are super excited to host Lohren for a few days during spring break. Way before Lohren planned her trip, we had purchased tickets for Cirque du Soleil... we are talking 18 months before. When the trip dates were set — with absolutely zero hope — Assana checks for a third ticket. We not only find one, but it happens to be right next to us! Whoa!

Ahwahnee And of course, true to form, we have to take her to a National Park, so Yosemite is it. Our amazing luck continues and we not only manage to snag rooms at the beautiful Ahwahnee, but they, too, are right next to each other, and with perfect view of half-dome.

Days, frolicking and hiking in the snow; evenings, relaxing and drinking by the fire followed by yummy dinners. Not a bad park vacation!

Lohren, thanks for coming out! Hope to see you soon again.

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