We are finally live... Yeay!

Feb 28th, 2009 What took so long? I (Assana) and my constant monkeying around with the style sheets and the look - did you notice that the shadows are rounded on the corners and not square? Yeah, hmm, I spent a whole day on that! No one will notice, except maybe Audrey, my prof - and the fact that it took our original hosting site weeks to transfer our domains over and get it right! At the end we ended up HATING them so much that we decided to go back to square-one and find another host. We did find one we really like (sliceHost) but it is one of those uber-geeky hosts where you get an IP address and a passwd and you're on your own in terms of setting up the software... which is fine given our caliber of geekyness (I now know all things Apache2!). Anyways, lots of excuses for why I'm so tardy, but here were are!

Love, Dan & Assana