New Mexico, just like México... still!

Jetsetters Our dear friend Wanda is returning the surprise birthday favor to LisaGreen who surprised her with us on her birthday. We don’t think Wanda actually thought we would be game when she invited us to Santa Fé. But why not! This trip we stay at our agent’s recommended hotel, The Inn of The Five Graces. Though we are still not quite sure what the five graces are, we’d like to think that the spa is one of them: are masseuses are both freakishly strong and manage to untangle most of the ropes in our backs and legs.

Surprise After much planning and sneaking around LisaGreen to keep the secret, we are in Santa Fé and all set to meet at LisaGreen’s favorite restaurant (Santacafe) for dinner. Turns out we don’t get a chance to quite surprise her since she recognizes Dan from behind! It is highly likely that we don’t even recognize each other from behind, let alone someone else! Amazing.

Food Though we cancel our brunch the next morning to accommodate Dan’s obligatory-per-trip cold - yes, again - we catch up again in the afternoon for more food and playing tourists around the square. The best meal of the trip was our last night’s dinner: we eat at a Spanish Tapas restaurant called La Boca. It is a quaint teeny place with tightly packed tables, reminiscent of Spain. The food is amazing, and unlike Spain we are not catching lung cancer because of everyone chain smoking around us! Yeay.

Further Thank you, ladies, for inviting us to join you in your celebrations. We look forward to our future trips! The question is, how much further will it be, and for who's birthday?

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