"Six Flagstaff?" (© 2005 Rick)

Six-Some We are once again traveling with our favorite travel partners, Rick & Randy. Our friends Joe & Lisa are also joining us. Joe, Dan and Randy have known each other for pretty much eternity! We are all in the same flight which is convenient and should make for fun flights.

Bobby Pin After a quick breakfast in the airport we head to Phoenix for our connecting flight to Flagstaff. Tiny plane and all, it gets us safely to Flagstaff thru the bumpy weather. It is raining... and soon the rain turns into Snow. Too bad. We head to our trucker-stop-looking hotel. While Joe & lisa take an afternoon nap, Rick, Randy, Dan & Assana goof around… how did that pin end up on Randy's hair? Who knows!

6000' Deep It's the next morning and there's no sign of rain or snow. Yeay! We head to the Canyon. Rick, Randy, Dan, & Assana have have plans to heli into the canyon, spend the day horseback riding, and heli back out in the afternoon. Unfortunately it is windy enough that the outfitter is not promising to come back and get us! Thank buddy! We opt for a 1-hour ride.

The canyon is awe-inspiring! We hike around and visit every vista point. Joe & Lisa decide to separate from us and do their own thing. A bit unusual from what we are used to when traveling with friends, but fine… we catch up with them later in the day.

Red Rocks All canyon'ed out, we head to Sedona for the day. First, breakfast at a café where the waiter keeps brining us pastries! Stop!

Then art shopping with Rick & Randy for their new house in San Francisco (Joe and Lisa, once again, separate from us to do their own thing). Sooooo much fun! Sedona is such an art community with lot's of studios and a nice mixture of mature and young up'n coming talent. Dan & Assana give a ton of unsolicited advice and opinions - imagine that! - and at the end there are quite a few very handsome pieces being packed up to head to California. Can't wait to see them on the walls.

We wrap up the day with a quick drive around the red rock country outside town. We are in love with the rocks and the red dirt! We will definitely come back.

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