The backyard is unkempt, the side yard impassable, the front yard over grown…After a whole year of neglecting the garden Assana is ready to start her yard project… nothing fancy, just replace the grass with paver.

Pedro Perez of JP Paving gets the job… poor guy! Little does he know how much pain Assana is about to cause him!

First comes tree pruning. Assana meets with one dude who would not shut up about everything wrong that has been done in yard… for years!! Geez! He was all about scolding Assana vs coming up with a plan for pruning the trees. Clearly he didn't get the job. Then comes Kevin, and his sidekick Henry, of Johnson's Tree Service. They were GREAT. They pruned the super-leany acacia trees, managed the pittosporum, pushed back Kathy's black walnut, and took out the weeping willow that was killed by PG & E.

Next hurdle is the issue of the acacia roots in the grass. Kevin wants us not to touch them. Pedro thinks we should whack at them! Assana freaks out at the idea of losing the acacia trees. Kevin wins! Pedro ends up raising the entire yard by a foot! Assana is not happy about it, but the at the end it all works out.

Next issue, the pavers. Assana picks these massive beautiful 36 inch square pavers. No problem says Pedro, except that it takes 6 weeks to make them. After 6 weeks of awaiting and a week of installing, we are short four pavers!!! FOUR!! So while waiting another 6 weeks Assana decides to start her lavender replacement project, and Pedro graciously takes on that project as well. Weeks later, the pavers arrive and are installed, the lavenders arrive and are planted, and we are finally done!!

All in all, the wait was well worth it, Kevin and Pedro were wonderful to worth with, and the yard turned out beautifully. Thanx guys!

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