Charleston, SC
(01/23/20 - 01/26/20)

Finally! Charleston… oh so pretty! We have been wanting to visit for so long... and we are finally here. The trip is short, and it rains for the most part. Nonetheless, it is nice to get away.

Walk Walk Walk Charleston is very walkable, and most of its attractions are the neighborhoods and architecture. We follow walking door recommendations, and explore various parts of the city on foot.

The food scene in Charleston has been slowly but surely working its way on the map. Again, we follow recommendations for restaurants, and eat at some of the yummy up-and-coming restaurants.

Failed NP We visit a swamp a few miles from town. It is pretty and very reminiscent of Everglades National Park. And talking of National Parks, we try to squeeze in a visit to Congaree National Park, but it just doesn't happen. We regret it. Should have gone there instead of the silly swamp. Guess we’ll have to return... and next time we'll stay longer.

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