Charleston, SC
(01/23/20 - 01/26/20)

Hostess With The Mostess Charleston… oh so pretty! And best of all, our tour guide is no other than our own lovely Nicole.

The trip is short, and it rains for the first couple of days; nonetheless, it is so nice to spend time with Nicole. She has planned the entire trip, from every meal, to our walking tour of the city, to a trip to the neighboring swamp.

Grumpy We are staying with Nicole at her [then] boyfriend’s house. He only joins us for the last part of the trip. Assana feels like she kind’a knows him a bit — she accompanied Nicole on a trip to pick up his puppy just six months earlier — and she is curious to meet him. However he spends the majority of the time with his face glued into his phone and his twitter feed. And when he is not, he is festers over having just been fired, his wife, their divorce and custody battle, etc.

So, no, we don’t get to know him much.

We visit a swamp a few miles from town. It is pretty and very reminiscent of Everglades National Park. And talking of National Parks, we try to squeeze in a visit to Congaree National Park, but Nicole doesn’t bite. Guess we’ll have to return.

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