"I'm not sure what kind of camera I have!"

Buttons In hopes of understanding what all the buttons on our cameras do we take a photography class with Aperture Academy, a local company. If nothing else, we are hoping we'll enjoy the drive down the coast. And the day could not have been more perfect. Beautiful blue skies, clear with amazing visibility.

As usual, we are early… this time by an hour. So we hop down to Point Lobos. Lucky for us, cuz boy, it is just gorgeous…

The Unfabulous Crowd We meet the class in Carmel, in a parking lot. The two instructors, Brian and Alicia, are super nice, but unfortunately we have nothing in common with the rest of the attendees. Bummer. At least we are not stuck with them in the big van all day long!

The class starts at the Mission in Carmel, and works its way down the coast to Bixby Creek Bridge, down to McWay Falls, and ends up in Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur. We follow the van in the Porsche, and stay at Ventana instead of driving all the way back home.

M Turns out there are a lot of buttons on our cameras. And they can really screw your photos! Not only we are not shooting on P, we are shooting on M, a first! Yes, M for manual… as in we have to do it all. And we do, albeit not often correctly! Boy! There have never been so many under-exposed and over-exposed photos in one album. But we have a good time, and we are always willing to laugh at ourselves.

Adiós We don't know if we will take another class at Aperture Academy. The class concept and the instructors were cool, but it would have been so much more fun were the rest of the class Ricks & Randys…

Ventana We are meeting our 20 architects-in-the-making the following day in SLO, so it all makes sense. Incidentally, we wake up the next morning to more beautiful weather, but the moment we hit the road a thick fog rolls in. It doesn't burn off until we are all the way down in Moro Bay. Again, lucky day for the photo class!

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