Retirement As we have been planning our retirement to Paso, Sheri & Larry have been planning theirs to Bend, OR. They have invited the gang up to show off their future home.

15 Minutes They, themselves, drive, and the four of us are flying up. Hopefully they will get there before us, right? Well, thanks to United Airlines our flight is delayed by 5 hours, 15 minutes at a time.

Pooperbathing Bend is super cute. Sheri has rented a gorgeous lakeside house within walking distance of the downtown. Bend is a beer town, so it is a nice change for everyone to drink beer vs wine. Even Assana tries some, and ends up liking the ciders. We spend the weekend eating, hiking, lounging around, drinking, and pondering world's mysteries. Turns out the answer is pooperbathing.

Friends It has been a difficult year for Assana with her job's volatility, her uncle's cancer diagnosis, and the many other stresses in her life. A weekend with friends is what the doctor ordered, and she is appreciative that they put up with her sensitivity and preoccupation.

We can't wait to go back and spend time in Bend.