Fifty Two Weeks

We have already been married for one year! It is amazing how fast the year went by. Guess it is true that time flies when you're having fun!

With Dan's new job at Better, and Assana's ever-present deadlines. we are not doing anything too fancy for celebration - we'll celebrate when we go to Spain in September. Some cheese tasting and a night away will do for now.

Wool First stop, Point Reyes Station. After a quick tour of the farmers market - where we buy a pound of wool… why? Why not! - we enjoy a great lunch outdoors before heading up Barinaga to meet Marcia and the sheep.

Wooly Sheep Barinaga Ranch is one of the up and coming Marin County cheese farms. They are up in Marshall, between Point Reyes Station and Bodega Bay. We are scheduled to take their farm tour. Turns out Marcia, the owner, is a scientist-turned-cheesemaker and a super factmina. We love all the science-behind-it tidbits that she includes in the tour. Turns out sheep are finicky and catch a lot of diseases! And having a farm, it is a lot of hard hard work. What is not hard work is tasting the super tasty cheese! We'll stay with that.

Bodega Bay Lodge is one of the few hotels that has actually pleasantly surprised us. Our room is huge, and has an unobscured view of the ocean. We also snag a ocean view table for dinner, which itself is super fresh, local and yummy.

One year down… and many more to come.

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