We have been dating since April 2001, practically for eternity! We are currently outnumbered by cats!
Dan and Assana

Dan Software Engineer at Apple Inc. Inventor of "danning" (to sit around and do nothing). Writes screensavers for fun.

Assana Principal & CEO at Digital Paso. Subscribes to every travel magazine there is. Plans trips for fun!

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Elmo Bengal and the most muscular cat you will ever meet. Can not have a thought without sharing it with you, and will talk to you for hours. Collects, collates, and categorizes his toys for fun.

Cookie Monster

Cookie MonsterBengal kitten with stilt limbs and snowshoe paws. Loves his big brother, Elmo.


BellaFeral ghost kitty: only Dan has seen her!


MaxFeral kitty with monkey tail.


Jerry(09/2004 - 12/09/2015)